This site is dedicated to the Horse.
 The majesty and grace, spirit, power and nobility of this creature seeps into anyone that has the good fortune to experience a close bond with these incredible beings.
 No other animal compares to the horse.
 The way they allow us to control their lives and manipulate them so that we can ride on their backs, giving to us ungrudgingly with a generosity of spirit that is unparalleled.
 This is the horse.
 It is my wish that through this website I will be able to give something back to the horse as thanks for all the wondrous moments I have experienced through my life with horses.
I feel it is important to use gentle and non-invasive methods that respect the individual and their ability to heal given the right conditions.
 Starting with the most basic and fundamental aspects of horse care, correct hoof form and incorporating comfortable tack, then leading on to the horses physical and emotional well-being.
 I hope that people reading this information will be able to transfer at least some of things that have worked for my horses and in doing so improve the quality of life of their own horses or donkeys.



Disclaimer: The modalities featured on this website are all gentle and non-invasive. The comfort and safety of horses and their caregivers is paramount. Please seek expert advice from a health care professional where necessary. No responsibility will be taken for any misinterpretation or adaptation of the information presented here.

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