Natural Hoof Care Clinics - $400
I run introductory natural hoof care clinics at my property near Paeroa 2 or 3 times each year, usually around March, May and October.
I limit the number of participants to a maximum of five people so that everyone can get plenty of individual tuition on the trimming day.
Even though this is an ‘introductory’ clinic it is designed for everyone, from beginners to professional trimmers and is adjusted according to what each individual needs at that time.
These clinics don't just teach those who attend how to trim a hoof, they are also designed to help people to see movement restrictions and postural changes in the body of the horse that are often the cause of the imbalance that is seen in the hoof capsules.  Recognizing restrictions and then encouraging owners to seek a good equine therapist who may be able to help release those restrictions as well as having good general knowledge of how the diet impacts hoof health are vital when trying to get each individual horse to have the best feet it possibly can.
There is usually a waiting list for these clinics and so to reserve your place you will now need to email me for bank details so you can pay your deposit.


Mobile 027 286 3939 please leave a voice or text message if I don't answer (no cell phone coverage at home)
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